The book based on my Ph.D. "Without humor we would all have committed suicide" (in Hebrew), published by Yad Vashem.


Jew Star

an Interdisciplinary and Computerized Program through the use of Stamps, Pictures, Texts and Paintings by Children in the Holocaust



Dr. Chaya Ostrower, Writing, Editing and Computerized Producing Tova Perlmutter, Scientific Writing and Editing

demo pages from a complete teaching unit

This teaching unit deals with a major chapter of World War II:
the Holocaust.
The tasks are carried out through the use of stamps, pictures,
children's paintings and text in a computerized virtual environment.
The program is divided into six subjects:

redball The Executioner
redball The Victim
redball The Silent Bystander
redball The Righteous
redball A Stamp Album
redball A Stamp Gallery

Each of the six subjects includes:

1. Primary historical sources - authentic stamps, poems, paintings and drawings by children in the Holocaust and photographs;
2. Secondary historical sources - stamps and historical research on the various subjects included in this unit;
3. The means of link-up with institutes, organizations and data bases on the subject, such as Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and dialogue groups
4. Instructions and subjects for discussion and evaluation;
5. A blank page for composing and drawing a new stamp.
This stamp can be sent to the Stamp Gallery of the teaching unit on the Internet.

Teacher's Guide    book

A Dictionary of Terms     book

Operating Instructions    help


hitler The Executioner

"No! to Racism", Nuremberg Laws, Crystal Night Pogrom, Occupied Poland, Willing Executioners, Ordinary People, Children in the Eyes of the Executioner, a Time Scale

survivors The Victim

Life in the Concentration Camps,
The Ghetto,Children in the Holocaust, Children's Stories, Consecration of Life, Korczak, Extermination Camps, Jewish Revolt, Fighting in the Ghettos

roosevelt The Silent Bystander

The St. Louis,
The Hague Convention,
Orphans in a Silent World,
Auschwitz wasn't Bombed,
No One Spoke Out

righteous The Righteous

in Memory of The Righteous,
A Few Did Exist,
Denmark, Raoul Wallenberg

Album A Stamp Album

Galerya A Stamp Gallery

Children from around the World Paint Holocaust Stamps:

new Children from Israel
St. Kevin Elementary School, Miami, Florida
Voorhees Middle School, New Jersey
Korczak's Children Paint
Memorial Holocaust stamps

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