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In this distributed learning course preservice teachers meet with students of English through the Internet. The preservice teachers and the EFL or ESL pupils learn the tools of the Internet together and at the same time the preservice teachers help the EFL pupils to improve their reading and writing skills.

This year 2002 there will be 2 inter-cultural projects between Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington D.C. and student teachers in Talpiot college of Education Tel Aviv. To access these courses click here  
In the inter-cultural project between the preservice students and first year students at Gallaudet University for the deaf in Washington D.C. In this project the students work in pairs and write a virtual tour about their partner's culture. The pairs work together and get a joint grade!  
The Course is divided into a number of modules. Each module teaches a different aspect of the Internet and also practices a reading and writing skill. There are teaching notes for each module and extra readings.
Press on the modules to try them out.
In this special 2000-1 course we have 3 groups of participants; pupils from a high school in Beersheba, Israel; a class of preservice teachers in Talpiot college Tel Aviv who are training to be English Teachers and an academic writing course in Gallaudet University for the deaf in Washington D.C.  


My name is Elaine Hoter and I am the on-line instructor for the course.
If you are studying this course in
Talpiot College of Education in Tel Aviv Israel, then I'm also your in-class instructor. The on-line /inclass instructor in Gallaudet University Washington DC is Harry Markowicz and in the Junior High School in Beersheba Mitzi Gefen.

Lesson plans and handouts for the on-line teacher

The participants of the course

Additional Readings and Exercises about the Internet

Bibliography, Sources, Readings on advanced literacy skills 
and Grammar help pages

Course Requirements

The course outline and rationale


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